Sure, hardworking types get a rap for being gruff. But even a seasoned tradesman has a softer side. So we cooked up some Valentine’s Day greetings that you might want to send to a loved one. After all, what’s a sweeter thought than “Wanna get Buck Naked”?

Valentine featuring Buck Naked Underwear says "Wanna Get Buck Naked For Valentine's Day?"

Valentine featuring Ballroom Jeans says "Just Limbering Up for Our Date Tonight"

Valentine featuring Longtail T Shirt says "Extra 3" For A Happy Valentine's Day"

Valentine featuring Wild Boar Mocs says "Let's Get Wild This Valentine's Day"

Valentine featuring Free Swingin' Flannel Shirt says "Wanna Be My Squeeze?"

Valentine featuring Fire Hose Work Pants and Angry Beaver says "Love Bites"

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