25th Anniversary: Young Inventors

Duluth Trading has packed a whole lot of ingenuity into its 25 years with the introduction of the Longtail T® Shirt, Ballroom® Jeans, Buck Naked™ Underwear and DuluthFlex™ Fire Hose® Pants.

Never content with the status quo, we thought we’d celebrate other young bucks who set the world on fire with their inventions at a young age.

1) When Frank Epperson was 11 he accidentally invented the popsicle after leaving his drink out in the cold with the stir stick still in it.

2) Ice skating enthusiast Chester Greenwood set out to patent earmuffs when he was 17 to keep his ears warm on frigid Maine days.

3) Blind since the age of three, Louis Braille created a system of reading and writing with raised dots when he was only 15 years old.

4) During World War I, Katharine Burr Blodgett wrote her masters thesis on the chemical structure of gas masks which was published in a scientific journal when she was 21.

5) Tinkering with transmitting speech since the age of 18, Alexander Graham Bell devised the basic idea for the telephone while working on a multiple telegraph.

6) High school gymnast George Nissen invented the trampoline at 16 with parts gathered from a junkyard and assembled in his parents’ garage.

7) George Westinghouse was 19 when he applied for his rotary steam engine patent.

8) An Idaho farm field inspired 14-year-old Philo Farnsworth to map out an electron pattern to reproduce images that seven years later would become the first television prototype.

9) Thomas Alva Edison received the first of over a thousand patents by the age of 22.

And finally, as a company that’s always fixing, futzing and fine-tuning to provide you with better workwear, we were especially pleased to find our last inventor:

10) Hannah Wilkinson Slater, wife of textile industrialist Samuel Slater, was 19 when she became the first American female patent holder thanks to her inventive new cotton sewing thread.