5th Season Fix Up winner Scott, maritime roboticist

Maritime roboticist Scott Sideleau is no stranger to Mother Nature’s mood swings. Day in and day out he battles breaking waves, double overheads, high winds, rain, frostbite and corrosive salt water. As a 5th Season Fix Up Contest winner, he eagerly accepted the challenge of adding $200 worth of Duluth Trading work clothes to endure the high seas while operating robots and doing scientific research.

“A beard is worn to protect my face, but my clothes take a real beating,” explains Scott. “Fire Hose® Work Pants have been resilient against snags and tears, which is a big plus when I’m forced to crawl around boat scaffolding to get eyes on a robot that may have gone awry in the water.”

Here’s a few more workwear recommendations for our seafaring mate to weather the tempestuous 5th Season.

DuluthFlex™ Sidewinder Shirt

Not to be hampered by binding work shirts, Scott selected the new DuluthFlex™ Sidewinder Shirt which stands up to salty sea spray and blowtorch heat. Rolled up sleeves stay put with button-through tabs and front Napoleon-style zip pockets keep items from going overboard.

Dry On The Fly™ Pants

Our Dry on the Fly™ Pants go from wet to dry in the blink of an eye. They’re incredibly tough (but cottony soft) and packed with comfort features like our Crouch Gusset™ and UPF 40 to tame those fierce rays.

CoolMax® Longtail T® Shirt

Sweat-wicking CoolMax® Longtail T® Shirts dry five times faster than cotton, offer UPF 40 protection and, perhaps best of all, are antimicrobial to fight a sailor’s stink.

Shoreman's Fleece Jacket

According to Scott, nothing stops the piercing wind or persistent damp, waterlogged feeling experienced deep offshore. Our 100% windproof Shoreman’s Fleece Jacket offers stretchy, breathable, bulk-free warmth to resist Poseidon’s wrath.

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