Inspired by those who perspire, here’s a few No Stink Adventures documenting how our sweat-wicking, quick-drying, stink-squashing Summer Solved workwear held up with limited access to laundry facilities in the baking hot sun.

Steve Minatra, Duluth Trading Texas Tradespanel Member

Texas Tradespanel Member Steve Minatra Armachillin' in New Mexico.

Armachillin’ in New Mexico.

We aren’t kidding when we say our clothes are designed and tested by Tradesmen. Steve Minatra, a Texas Tradespanel member, put our Dry on the Fly™ Pants, Armachillo™ Pants and Buck Naked™ Underwear to the extreme test where the temps were high, the water was scarce and sweat was a constant companion.

“Wore the Armachillo Pants for three weeks straight with no washing and they didn’t smell – unlike my companion wearing jeans that absolutely reeked!” reported Minatra. “A month later, I was off the grid for two weeks at a friend’s farm. When my Dry on the Fly Pants got dirty I wore them into the shower, soaped them up, rinsed them off, wrung them out, hung them up and by morning they were dry and ready to go. Good as new!”

He also packed some Buck Naked Underwear. “I only took a few pairs so I washed them out most every day. They dry so quickly that some mornings I would wash a pair, wring them out and put them on to let them cool me off as they dried. Very refreshing!”

Paul Osborn, creator of The Outdoor Adventure blog

Armachillo Sun Cape Cap shields the sun without the stink according to Paul Osborn, reviewer for The Outdoor Adventure blog.

Armachillo Sun Cape Cap shields the sun without the stink.

For Paul Osborn’s Outdoor Adventure blog review he wore our Armachillo™ Sun Cape Cap extensively on fishing, backpacking and thru-hiking trips. The most notable test was traversing 221 miles of the John Muir Trail in 16 days.

“Sixteen days averaging 15 miles a day was enough to test any odors, but despite the constant sweating, my hat didn’t pick up the typical B-O that synthetic fabrics are typically known to present,” describes Osborn.

Michael McKinney, Wildland Fire Fighter and New Survival Skills Instructor

NSS Michael McKinney in Action Shirt

Keeping the sun’s rays at bay with his Action Shirt.

California back country is no joke as Michael McKinney, wildland fire fighter and New Survival Skills instructor, knows all too well. To teach people the tools they need to survive any type of emergency or disaster he’s always scouting out new terrain and hiking for weeks at a time in temps between 90 and 105 degrees.

He requires clothes that can adapt to extreme temperature fluctuations, provide freedom of movement, and resist the abuse of overgrown brush, thorns and boulder hopping found off the beaten path. His go-to uniform is a pair of Dry on the Fly Shorts, a CoolMax® Longtail T® Shirt and a CoolPlus® Action Shirt for UPF 50+ sun protection.

“I’ve worn these sweat-wicking, quick-drying clothes every day without washing on more than one 15-day trip in the deserts of Nevada and California, and they haven’t smelled funky yet,” he attests. “High temps and sweat never make me uncomfortable. It’s not easy for people to focus on what you are trying to teach them if all they can focus on is how bad you smell!”


Plan your No Stink Adventure with a trip to our Summer Solved workwear collection. We can’t wait to hear all about it!