Bizarre Bequeaths

Richard (center) and his friends Dan (left) and Dennis (right)

If we’re lucky, we have at least one unique friend who makes an indelible impression on us in our lifetime. And should they ever pass away too soon, it shouldn’t surprise us when that friend goes the extra mile with a bizarre bequeath to yank our chain one last glorious time.

Duluth customer Dennis had such a friend in Richard, who had a great sense of humor and cared for his friends. Recently, while visiting our Mt. Horeb flagship store, he regaled us with the news that he inherited his buddy’s collection of Buck Naked Underwear.

Dennis and Richard shared a love of Buck Naked Skivvies and had purchased several pairs through the years at the store while road tripping from Iowa to Door County, WI. Much to their chagrin, their friend Dan always held out and “would not step up to the counter to try a pair.”

After Richard succumbed to cancer, his widow informed Dennis that he had bestowed his Buck Naked Underwear collection to him on one condition — Dan had to take a pair and try them first. If Dan liked them, Dennis would have to split his good fortune with him.

You can guess how this story ends. Dan became a Buck Naked Underwear convert, Dennis had to share the wealth, and Richard got to have one last laugh with his friends.

We especially like that this story is set in Mt. Horeb since the genesis of our store’s Wally Keller Tool Museum shares a similar spirit. When our owner Steve Schlect’s friend Wally passed away, Steve offered to purchase his astonishing 3,147-piece collection of vintage tools from his widow so the collection could stay together and be displayed for all to enjoy. Read more about Wally and his tools on our website.