Buck Naked Nation recently examined the underwear-wearing masses to compile its first official Skivvy Stats. We asked, you answered! A survey of over 2,500 male Buck Naked™ Underwear customers, and another 450 men who haven’t yet had the pleasure, helped us dig deep to discover the ways life improves when sporting a comfortable pair of underwear.

Our Skivvy Statisticians assessed noticeable enhancement in the following areas: overall satisfaction, productivity, luck and off-the-clock comfort. As underwear experts, we weren’t surprised by the findings because it’s the very thing that drives the ingenuity we pack into every pair we make.

Want more proof? See what all the fuss is about.

Buck Naked™ Nation | Skivvy Stats | Men's Underwear Satisfaction

Buck Naked™ Nation | Skivvy Stats | Lucky Underwear

Buck Naked™ Nation | Skivvy Stats | Case For Commando

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