Need a Christmas gift that even a gruff, tough-as-nails guy can appreciate? Get him something useful. We put together this list of ten cures for common problems that plague the working man. Give any or all of them, and you’ll do a tradesman proud.

Men's Christmas Gift: Buck Naked Underwear

PROBLEM: Your underwear gets swampier than the Everglades when you’re on the job.

SOLUTION: Buck Naked™ Underwear – No Pinch, No Stink, No Sweat! They offer all the comfort of going commando and keep you dry all day.

Men's Christmas Gift: Ballroom Jeans

PROBLEM: Restrictive pants have you sick of dancing the Nutcracker this Christmas.

SOLUTION: Put on some Ballroom® Jeans and crouch without the ouch.

Men's Christmas Gift: Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer

PROBLEM: Each of your nostrils is growing its own handlebar moustache.

SOLUTION: Groom Mate® Nose Hair Trimmer trims that unruly overgrowth without a nip or pull.

Men's Christmas Gift: Free Swingin' Flannel Shirt

PROBLEM: Flannel shirts are getting too thin, too tight and too froofy. No one makes a sturdy, comfortable flannel like they used to.

SOLUTION: Duluth does. Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirts keep you warm, won’t restrict movement and stand up to abuse.

Men's Christmas Gift: Bigfoot Toenail Clippers

PROBLEM: Toenails look like they need 20 minutes with a grinding wheel.

SOLUTION: Get Bigfoot Toenail Clippers to easily trim the thickest, toughest nails (or just use a grinding wheel).

Men's Christmas Gift: Fire Hose Pants

PROBLEM:  After a long day on the job your pants look like they’ve been through a meat grinder.

SOLUTION: Fire Hose® Work Pants have been known to live through marine welding, bucking chainsaws and wild boar charges. And they’re backed by our No Bull Guarantee.

Men's Christmas Gift: Longtail T Shirt

PROBLEM: Bending over causes a visual assault on any unfortunate bystander behind you.

SOLUTION: Cure the plague of Plumber’s Butt with a Longtail T® Shirt. It’s built 3 inches longer to keep you covered when you bend and stoop.

Men's Christmas Gift: Odor Fighting X-Static Socks

PROBLEM: The smell of your feet has been categorized as a work hazard by OSHA.

SOLUTION: X-Static Socks exterminate stink with silver-coated fibers that naturally suppress odor for the life of the sock.

Men's Christmas Gift: Side Clip Suspenders

PROBLEM: Pants keep drooping due to flat derriere (AKA Tradesman’s Bluff).

SOLUTION: Keep your pants on and get the job done with a pair of Side Clip Suspenders.

Men's Christmas Gift: Fire Hose Best Damn Shop Apron

PROBLEM: Incidental job site shrapnel like sparks, metal filings, globs of paint or blood keeps ruining clothes.

SOLUTION: The Best Damn Shop Apron keeps you covered in incredibly durable Fire Hose® canvas. Plus it has useful pockets to keep your gear at hand.

Still baffled? There’s always a Duluth Trading Gift Card so they can go hog wild.