Duluth Women are no strangers to dirt and hard work, but there may be those among us that need a little boost of inspiration to get out of our comfort zone and try something new. Is there a power tool you always wanted to master? Or a backyard project you’re too overwhelmed to start? That’s where #DIYCourage comes in.

Duluth Trading has partnered with DIY Blogger Brittany Bailey, of Pretty Handy Girl, and Sara Bendrick, Landscape Designer and TV Host of DIY Network’s “I Hate My Yard,” to turbo boost your to-do list and give you the shot in the arm you need.

“Construction doesn’t have to be scary. We started #DIYCourage as a place for women to ask questions and get inspired,” says Sara. “We thought it was important to encourage our female peers to do something creative, badass and built. We want to get the conversation started for beginners and pros alike.”

#DIYCourage is equal parts battle cry and how-to, with monthly online chats, social media bursts of inspiration, blog posts detailing projects for DIYers to hone their skills, and a hashtag for bragging rights or reaching out for help.

“Talking to many of my blog readers, I’ve learned women are hesitant to try something new because of the barriers they set up. Fear, failure, lack of skill, or lack of self-confidence are a few barriers they need to overcome,” says Brittany. “Sara and I are on a mission to help remove those obstacles, and give people the mindset that they can do this. We both believe that anyone can DIY, but they have to believe in themselves.”

So what are you waiting for? Grab your work gloves and muster up your #DIYCourage!

Sara Bendrick Hosts DIY Network's "I Hate My Yard" #DIYCourage

Sara Bendrick with her mom Hortencia on the set of DIY Network’s “I Hate My Yard.” Her Armachillo® Shirt keeps her cool to keep up with the demands of hosting and landscaping in the hot California sun.

Sara Bendrick Garden Masters Competition #DIYCourage

Sara installing plants for the Garden Masters Competition. They took home the “Excellence in Design Principles Award.”

Brittany Bailey DIY Blogger of Pretty Handy Girl builds a birdhouse in her Duluth Trading Overalls #DIYCourage

Pretty Handy Girl Brittany Bailey builds a birdhouse while wearing Duluth Trading from head to toe. “Love the Railroad Striped Overalls! They are sooo comfy!”

Brittany Bailey Pretty Handy Girl Deck Mandala #DIYCourage

Brittany demonstrating how to paint a giant mandala deck tattoo, one of many DIY tutorials on her blog.

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