Duluth Dogs appreciate rugged gear that lets them do what dogs do best. Whether working, playing or lazing around, we’ve got the dog toys, jackets, car seat savers, furniture covers and dog beds that can handle whatever ruff stuff they dish out.

Go ahead and give some of our newest and best-selling dog gear a sniff.

Dog Jackets For Beastly Weather

We’ve got a dog jacket for every job in every climate! From left to right: Shoreman’s Fleece Dog Jacket has wind-stopping, moisture-blocking warmth. Scout’s Upland Hunting Vest offers the high-vis, bramble-shedding jacket your “wing man” needs. Scout’s Packable Dog Rain Jacket keeps your pooch bone dry in a rainstorm and packs up small enough to attach to your leash. And when the snow is blowing, our Dog Grab Jacket combines the toasty warmth of fleece with a weather-resistant nylon shell to keep your dog drier, warmer and happier on cold, frigid walks.

Car Seat Protection From Four-Wheeling Dogs

Mud, slobber, hair or worse can wreck havoc on your car. We figured out a better way for dogs and their owners to coexist. Watch Ricker and his dog demonstrate our best-selling Scout’s Convertible Seat Saver.

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