When we partnered with Duke Cannon Supply Co. to seek out the nation’s best beard farmers, we never expected the shock and awe of seeing 796 glorious beards in one place! Our customers enthusiastically performed their civic duty to vote for our Top 10. Master Beard Farmer and STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Professional Lumberjack Adrian Flygt narrowed down the field to crown Ryan, Moose and Ross as our Beard Farmer Contest Winners.

Without further fuss, here’s why Adrian selected our three winners in all their bearded glory:

Duke Cannon Beard Farmer Contest Winner: Ryan

“Ryan’s advice to put the razor down is not only a good start to an effective beard farm, but has helped Ryan grow a beard that was not even completely contained by the picture he submitted,” Adrian remarks. “Perhaps Ryan will use his Duluth Trading gift card to score some gear to protect the rest of his body from his remarkable man mask.”

Duke Cannon Beard Farmer Contest Winner: Moose

According to our judge, “Moose embodies the most important component of growing a lush, free-range, cage-free beard by taking it outside and letting it wander around. He’s also a bit of a unicorn, in that the ginger beard is not as common in the wild. Mix in some Duke Cannon Beardsman’s Clear Shaving Gel to police the edges and a pair of Fire Hose® Pants to protect Moose in the wild, and I believe he will be a successful beard farmer for years to come.”

Duke Cannon Beard Farmer Contest Winner: Ross

“Ross and his beard cast a large shadow. His choice of American flag shirt and the intensity of his gaze indicate to me that Ross doesn’t just have a beard, he lives the beard. His beard-farming advice is solid and will soon be supplemented by his prize shipment of Duke Cannon man maintenance products,” Adrian concludes.

Beard Farmer Contest Winner Prize

Our three master beard farmers will enhance their majestic crops with an enviable (and exclusive) collection of Duke Cannon grooming products and a $100 Duluth Trading gift card to go hog wild.

“Thank you to all who invested time in patiently growing such wonderful crops,” he says. “Remember even if you were not selected as finalists, you have a beard, you know where to find a Big Ass Brick of Soap, and you have access to the best clothes for doing work (or anything else). Work hard, keep tending your crop and we’ll see you out there.”

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