Most women’s clothing brand photoshoots require an exotic location, gorgeous weather and an entourage of hair and make-up model primpers. Duluth prefers to keep it real. We’re thrilled to share a peek at the test photoshoots for our nine Duluth Women Model Contest winners. These women came ready to work and work they did!

Duluth Women Model Alicia C.

Historical vehicle technician Alicia C. brought her museum’s vintage jeep and motorcycle to the shoot and felt right at home tinkering at an old garage.

They opened their homesteads and invited us into their lives sharing stories, jokes, pets, family, fresh-brewed beer and boats to make their photoshoot a true reflection of their passions and skills. Many arrived already decked out in their favorite Duluth clothes. All were enthusiastic to share feedback on how the outfits they were modeling suited their activities or style proclivities.

Duluth Women Models Bianka and Alicia S.

Bianka and Alicia S. exchanged rock climbing tips, favorite Minnesota climbing spots and a few jokes during the shoot.

Stormy weather, ice cold streams and unrelenting heat would frazzle even the most professional model, but we weren’t surprised by the unremitting willingness of our winners. Accustomed to discomfort and challenging environments, they were able to stay the course and get the shot no matter the conditions. These women may have never modeled before, but we think you’ll agree the camera captured their wholeheartedness to the endeavor!

Duluth Women Model Cherilyn

We’re not surprised that tenacious camerawoman Cherilyn didn’t let ice cold water temps distract her from nailing the shot. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Take a gander at a few of our favorite shots, then look for more in the months ahead when our new models make their debut.

Duluth Women Model Krista

Krista welcomed us to her family ranch in Utah and provided us with boats and beasts. There wasn’t anything this hardworking homesteader couldn’t do!

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