When we launched our Duluth Women Model Search Contest, we set out to find one or two fetching new models with moxie and firecracker pluck. After receiving over 1,000 entries from 49 states, we were so wonderstruck by the range of ages, passions and can-do that we couldn’t resist selecting multiple winners.

Before we introduce these extraordinary women, we should say how inspired we were that so many remarkable women were willing to share their stories with us. Putting yourself out there requires no small amount of courage! Your passions and areas of expertise were humbling: commercial fisherwomen, tradeswomen, country music DJ, barrel racers, concert rigger, truck drivers, farmers, ranchers, farriers, crime scene investigator, first responders, artists, granite carver, glass blowers and many athletes including an Ironman Triathlete, sled dog racer, cross country Olympic hopeful, roller derby skaters, mud runners, yoga instructors and even a Lake Superior curler. And while 28 was the average age of our entrants, we were downright giddy to learn that our oldest candidate was 81! It’s also noteworthy that two-thirds of our winners are over 30.

Without further ado, it’s our pleasure to introduce nine women who embody the take-on-all confidence and capability of our women’s workwear and gear. Each one has received a prize package containing a $1,000 Duluth Trading gift card, $500 cash and a modeling test shoot. We hope you are as excited as we are to get to know these women and celebrate the gumption of those who choose to go their own way.