New Duluth Women Models

The average model might tiptoe through the tulips, but a Duluth Women Model loves nothing more than to be knee-deep in a mud puddle at this time of year. The winners of our Duluth Women Model Contest proved to be kindred spirits and as highly capable at modeling as their other daily pursuits. We couldn’t think of better co-conspirators to help us demonstrate the mud-slinging, rain-shedding, sun-protecting features of our brand-spankin’ new spring clothing line, including our Dry on the Fly® Pants, Heirloom Garden Overalls and Sidewinder Shirts.

Meet three of our new models who put our spring arrivals through their paces. Jessica, Rachel and Alicia are no strangers to hard work and didn’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves to show us how it’s done.

Meet Jessica

Jessica is a third-generation apple farmer. Her grandfather started the orchard in 1945, and it’s still owned and operated by Jessica, her mother and sister. We couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic spot nestled in the hilly terrain and bluffs of Trempealeau, Wisconsin (pronounced trem-pillow).

We captured Jessica working in the orchard, making pies for the retail space and greeting the public in the beer garden she and her husband added to the mix when he joined the family. It came as no surprise to learn they recently hosted 5,000 people for a hootenanny showcasing five bluegrass bands. “Managing the beer garden can hardly be called work!” she exclaimed.

Meet Rachel

Rachel is a landscape designer and builder. She not only creates the designs, she builds them as well. Harsh Vermont weather conditions and ever-changing tasks made Rachel a fan of Duluth Trading clothes and bags long before she was selected to be a model.

Spring really kicks things into gear for Rachel — hauling bags of soil, driving tractors, pruning and planting trees. “My passion has and always will be digging in the dirt,” said Rachel. When she’s not working, she can be found exploring the back woods, making teas and tinctures from her garden or building a new timber frame house with her partner. Because why buy a house when you can build a better one yourself?!

Meet Alicia

Alicia captured our attention the minute we saw her job title: “Historical Vehicle Technician” at the First Division Museum in the western suburbs of Chicago. The best part of her job? Getting to drive the World War II half track when not educating the public about the history of the First Infantry Division. She started getting into motorcycles when she was just 15, and owned a dirt bike before she owned a car. “Riding is my passion and sense of freedom!” Alicia said. But don’t think she doesn’t have a softer side — she was a floral designer for 10 years before landing her current job.

Her love of dirt and hard work did not disappoint! Alicia did what she does best — up to her elbows in vintage auto parts, riding her motorcycle or scrambling on rocks. Keep an eye out for our newest model who will surprise you with her versatility throughout the season.

On the clock or off, our new Duluth Women Models thrive in the outdoors. Hiking, camping and backpacking are just a few things Jessica, Rachel and Alicia have in common — and when the temps get hotter, they love nothing better than a dip in an ice cold swimming hole. The really chilly ones. But that’s a story for another day and another season…

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