The best way to determine if you have a Duluth Dad is by taking a closer look at his natural habitat. Once you properly identify his species, it’s a whole lot easier to shop for Father’s Day. Here are a few of the most common Duluth Dads and some ingenious Father’s Day gift ideas that will make him grunt with joy.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for All-Terrain Dad

All-Terrain Dad (ATD): This dad smells like fresh air and pinecones. His daily regimen starts with a bracing splash of ice cold river water on his face, followed by a campfire coffee sludge chaser, then it’s off to whatever outdoor endeavor the season dictates – fishing, hiking, camping or hunting. This is a dad who will live in our Dry on the Fly™ Pants, Shorts or Vest because they wick sweat, dry quick and sit light on those hot clammy days. He may never take them off (and that’s ok).

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Lug Nut Dad

Lug Nut: Anything mechanical attracts this dad like a moth to a flame. His fingers are permanently black and his signature scent is a vague mix of motor oil and WD40. Always handy with a rag to wipe off his hands, this dad doesn’t hesitate to get under the hood and fix whatever needs attention. Our DuluthFlex™ Fire Hose® Work Pants are made with this dad in mind because they’re tough, durable, and repel water and stains. That pre-washed, broken-in feeling right out of the box is just the way to say “thank you” for all he’s fixed for you over the years (or bank some goodwill for the future).

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Carpe Diem Dad

Carpe Diem Dad: This dad isn’t one for sitting around twiddling his thumbs. His go-to motto to “seize the day” keeps his to-do list long and his vacation time plotted out to the minute, to make the most of each opportunity. He’s always got a bag packed, and his signature scent is a heady mix of adrenaline and his latest hot sauce discovery. A day with this dad is never dull and often requires clothes that are up for anything, like our Action Shirt. Dress it up or down — it’s always ready to offer cooling comfort, lots of useful pockets and UPF 50+ sun protection.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Beard Farmer Dad

Beard Farmer: Some dads have hobbies, this dad takes growing a beard to the next level. He may also have an affinity for timbersports, chopping wood and all-you-can-eat pancake breakfasts. He will always smell like his favorite Simply Great Beard Oil, employed to keep his chin hairs under control, and his signature look will likely include a flannel shirt worn year-round to complement his robust facial hair. Our Crosscut Performance Flannel Shirt is lighter than our best-selling flannel shirt and wicks sweat when he’s cutting up a cord or two.

Father's Day for Grandscaper Dad

Grandscaper: No square inch of yard is safe from the grandscaper. This dad will bend any property to his will through sheer force and a shed full of power tools. And if the tool he needs doesn’t exist, he won’t hesitate to hack a bunch of parts from snowmobiles and long-dead appliances to jerry-rig exactly what he needs. His signature scent is a pungent mix of freshly mowed grass with just a whiff of fertilizer. The cuffs of his pants are always tinged slightly green. A Longtail T® Shirt completes his look to cover his backside with three extra inches. It’s a gift that would be greatly appreciated by dad AND his neighbors.

Not sure what kind of Duluth Dad he is? Give him a Duluth Trading Gift Card so he can go hog wild!