Father's Day Gift Ideas

Duluth Trading is the go-to gift source for the special fussers, futzers and fine-tuners in your life. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas inspired by our customers’ favorite fatherly sayings.

Choose your gift well to let him know you’ve been paying attention all along.

#DadAlwaysSaid "You make me happy twice: when ya come see me, and when ya leave!"

With 3 extra inches everyone looks good coming AND going in a Longtail T® Shirt.

#DadAlwaysSaid "I can fix anything, from a broken heart to the crack at dawn…"

Dad’s gonna need some tough gear, so fix him up with a pair of Fire Hose® Work Pants.

#DadAlwaysSaid "Don't Piss Into The Wind"

Buck Naked™ Underwear is so comfortable Dad will feel like he’s wearing nothing at all (and everyone will be relieved that he’s not.)

#DadAlwaysSaid "Wish in one hand, spit in the other and see which fills up first."

Dad might wish for good fishing weather, but help him stack the deck in his favor with Dry on the Fly™ Pants and Shorts so he can have fun rain or shine.

#DadAlwaysSaid "Prior planning prevents poor performance."

The Fire Hose® Bib Apron embraces the “Five Ps” to help Dad keep everything handy BEFORE he starts a job.

#DadAlwaysSaid "If you wanna dance, ya gotta pay the fiddler!"

While they didn’t get their name from dancing, Ballroom® Jeans give Dad the room to cut a rug AND crouch without the ouch.

#DadAlwaysSaid "You wanna help me? Get outta the way!"

Lend Dad a helping hand by giving him the Freedom of Movement (F.O.M.™) of our CoolPlus® Action Shirt with mesh vented bi-swing back and Armpit Gussets.

#DadAlwaysSaid "Don't stand if you can sit, don't sit if you can lie down, and don't just lie down if you can take a nap." 

Our hefty Souped-Up Sweats let Dad lounge in comfort.

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