Sure you could chop down a tree, but why not throw your arms around it and hug it out instead? Only Duluth’s legendary Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirts and Jacs give you the freedom of movement to really squeeze like you mean it. Check out our new Duluth Women’s TV ad to see what we mean.

Moving Made Easy. Flannel Made Fetching.

Reach for the pines with hidden underarm gussets and a modern bi-swing back. Our shirttail hems stay tucked in and come with a handy Shirttail Shammy™ that puts the polish on glasses or mobile devices. Plush, cozy flannel feels broken in like you’ve owned it for years, with feminine details so you can stop stealing his.

We build ’em better! Bust axe and be the first limberjack in your neck of the woods:

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