Fisticuffs are flying in Duluth Trading’s Flannel City Face-Off battle for flannel supremacy with Anchorage, Duluth, Denver and The U.P. advancing as the Four Flannel Finalists.

The U.P. vs. Denver

Which city will win – the one with the biggest bucks or bushiest beards? Will Da Yoopers employ their tactical skills to defeat Denver and tag the title, or will the Mile High City fuel up with some red flannel hash and rally its bearded brethren?

Duluth vs. Anchorage

Which city will win – the one with the greatest density of Paul Bunyan lore or grizzly bears per capita? Will Iron Range tenacity be enough for Duluth to take on Anchorage, a frontier city that considers opening day of salmon season “combat fishing” thanks to hundreds of anglers casting shoulder to shoulder?

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