Frigid temperatures and too-tight layers conspire against a hardworking lumberjack. We enlisted the wisdom and experience of Adrian Flygt, Master Beard Farmer and professional STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® athlete, to tell us about his favorite Flapjack® Flannel Shirt Jac. He knows a thing or two about freedom of movement and the need for toasty warmth. And since he’s an authority on all things burly, we were curious to learn which Simply Great Beard Oil he prefers to soften his scratchy Northwoods whiskers.

Men's Flapjack® Flannel Shirt Jac

What is it about lumberjacks and flannel?

The beauty of flannel is that it knows no season. When there is work to be done or fun to be had, a flannel shirt fits in every time. Sitting atop the flannel kingdom is the Flapjack Flannel Shirt Jac, dispensing beards and can-do attitude to all. Imagine the comfort of your favorite old sweatshirt with enough warmth to keep you working through the chill. And it’s got those handy Armpit Gussets to let you reach without feeling like you got caught in a live trap. It’s the only Flannel Shirt Jac that transforms lumberjacks into limberjacks — whether wielding a sledge hammer, swinging a splitting maul or hoisting a cold one after a hard day’s work.

How does the Flapjack “stack up” when it comes to temperature control?

When you get up to operating temperature, the snap front closure and cuffs are easier to remove than buttons which means a speedy removal for a Polar Plunge or a little venting session is only a few snaps away. If the day stays cool, the Flapjack is warm on both sides, just like your favorite short stack. This King of the Flannels keeps you cozy through the work day while still looking classy for a trip to town or after hours “work.”

Lumberjack Simply Great Beard Oil

If we took a whiff of your whiskers, what would they smell like?

After a long day in the woods sporting flannel, a working man is ready for a smooth transition into the evening’s exertions. With the simple, classic, go anywhere shirt on his body and the aroma of freshly split cedar and pine coming from his whiskers, those fast opening front snaps may come into play. The Lumberjack scent of Simply Great Beard Oil lets a working man clean up after a hard day. He can still smell like he worked 12 hours in the woods while keeping his whiskers soft and his associates from accusing him of smelling like a logging camp.

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