America Unearthed Scott Wolter with Bulldozer Backpack in Cave

If you want to be a good archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library. – Indiana Jones

If Indiana Jones needed workwear and gear today we’re pretty sure only Duluth Trading could stand up to his adventures. We couldn’t resist the chance to gear up a real-life Indiana Jones, America Unearthed’s host and forensic geologist Scott Wolter, for another season investigating mysterious sites, relics and artifacts tied to a hidden history of the United States.

This season, Scott’s on an epic quest to find out if the Ark of the Covenant is right here in America. He’s hot on the trail investigating clues and legends from Ireland all the way to Arizona to find history’s most sought after holy relic said to contain the Ten Commandments.

Scott’s rarely shot without his Bulldozer Backpack. Coined “Trusty”, it’s become his trusty backpack that’s always with him. It got us thinking “What’s in Scott’s backpack?” Scott and his production company, Committee Films, filled us in.

“My Duluth Trading Company Bulldozer Backpack has truly become one of my favorite travel accessories. It has been extremely durable over the course of two seasons of both filming and globetrotting,” says Wolter. “I’ve had many backpacks in the past and the others would be in tatters by now. It’s really comfortable to wear – I’ve had up to 50 pounds of books, my computer, my rock hammer, rock samples, etc. and it hangs in there just great. The zippers are still perfect and there are no tears or seams starting to come apart. I love my Bulldozer Backpack and can’t wait to bring it along on more adventures.”

America Unearthed Scott-Wolter Bulldozer Backpack Contents

  1. Baggies for collecting rock samples
  2. An extra Duluth Trading Longtail T® Shirt
  3. Car phone charger
  4. Magnet
  5. Extra pens and highlighters
  6. Camera
  7. Duluth Trading Baseball Hat
  8. Brunton compass
  9. Extra USB flash drives
  10. Electrical converter
  11. Chapstick
  12. iPod
  13. Glasses
  14. Daybook
  15. Tape measure
  16. Variety of lenses for looking at rocks and minerals
  17. Sunblock
  18. Hydrochloric acid
  19. Duluth Trading Gloves
  20. Tape
  21. GPS finder
  22. Knife
  23. Scott’s book, Akenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X
  24. Rock hammer
  25. Flashlight

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Be like Scott, and grab a Bulldozer Backpack for your next adventure.