Our lawyers would never let us say our Fire Hose® Work Pants are tough enough to stop a chainsaw, but time and again we get letters from guys thanking us for saving their leg (or their life). We couldn’t resist sharing the latest death-defying feat of Fire Hose fabric as we embark on our official workwear sponsorship for the 2014 STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series.

But before we do, don’t try this at home. ALWAYS wear chaps when operating a chainsaw, even when wearing Fire Hose Work Pants, because even though this guy got lucky our pants are not designed to stop a chainsaw.

I was cutting down a large pine tree that was threatening to fall and planned to use the top for our Christmas tree. I had my trusty STIHL MS311 chainsaw, helmet, gloves, and Entex cut-retardant chainsaw chaps. After cutting for 30 minutes, I disrobed to help clear some branches before starting back to work.

When I returned to cutting, I foolishly forgot to put my chain-stop chaps back on. Sure enough, a branch snapped back and drove the full-speed chainsaw right into my leg. I felt my pants tug and the chainsaw cut out.

I dreaded looking down for fear of seeing a bloody mess. Much to my surprise, the chain was wrapped up in my Fire Hose Pants and when I lifted the pants to check my knee there wasn’t even a scratch. I know these pants aren’t designed to stop chainsaws, and I know you don’t write guarantees to cover stupidity, but I need to thank you for saving my leg. I’ll never again fire up that chainsaw without my chainsaw chaps, and I’ll never again be without a pair of Duluth Trading Fire Hose Work Pants.

Thanks, Sean L.

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