We exasperate our lawyers when we share stories from #LuckySOBs who have run-ins with power tools while wearing our Fire Hose® Pants, but they just keep coming. We couldn’t resist this tale of blade-cutting woe from Luke the Plumber.

But before we do, don’t try this at home. ALWAYS use power tools safely and wear proper safety gear, even when wearing Fire Hose Pants, because even though this guy got lucky our pants are not designed to stop a 4″ root-cutting blade.

I’m a plumber in Northern MN. I work in a filthy environment with things so nasty it would make an ER Nurse squirm. I destroy regular jeans at an alarming rate.

While cleaning a main sewer line, I snagged the inner thigh of my Fire Hose Pants with the 4″ root-cutting blade on my 3/4″ steel cable drain cleaner. Before I could get off the foot switch, the cutter had wound up in my pants about 2 turns! Even after I got off the switch, the momentum of the 100 lb. of cable in the machine twisted the cutter 2 more revolutions. My Fire Hose Pants stood strong and didn’t tear. Imagine if I was wearing jeans? The drain cleaner’s sharp cutting teeth would have wound up in the material and chewed into my inner thigh and “other regions.” My hide and I are very grateful for the indestructible quality of Fire Hose Pants.

The crazy thing is that I would never be wearing Fire Hose Pants that day but for the amazing customer service of Duluth Trading. I had bought a pair which didn’t fit right, so I never wore them. Two years later, I called to order something else and mentioned it while on the phone. They told me to send them in so they could exchange them for a pair that fit.

Your Fire Hose Pants and amazing customer service saved my hide (and more)! On a side note, we are pleased to announce our third boy is on his way.

Luke the Plumber

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