Time and again we get letters from customers thanking us for saving their hide from some close call or another. Our lawyers would never let us say our Longtail T® Shirts protect you from anything other than the embarrassment of Plumber’s Butt, but we couldn’t resist sharing this cringe-worthy run-in with a table saw.

Before we do, don’t try this at home. Kickbacks are no joke and one should always keep their wits about them when operating a table saw. Even though this guy got lucky, our shirts are not designed to stop a table saw kickback.

Thank you for producing a quality product! Not only does the Longtail T Shirt cover my husband’s butt crack (thank you), it may possibly have saved his life. He has a long torso, but is not “Big and Tall” so finding t-shirts long enough but not too big wasn’t easy. When we discovered your Longtail T Shirt, we didn’t know it would provide more than just coverage.

Joe is a carpenter, and about a year ago a board kicked back from the table saw and hit him in the abdomen. He lifted his shirt to find a hole larger than a quarter in his right side. Once at the ER, a CT scan revealed a “dimpled peritoneum.” The doctor did an internal exam of the hole (stuck his finger in the hole and moved it around to feel for injuries) and packed the wound for the night.

The next morning, we went back for another check. The doctor said he was very blessed because he “missed it by that much” with this injury. The doctor also said it was probably the two Longtail T Shirts he was wearing (one long sleeve and one short is usually the “winter uniform” for him at work) that prevented the piece of wood from doing more damage and going farther into his body. You see, NEITHER SHIRT HAD A HOLE IN THEM!!

Joe figures he could be a spokesperson for Duluth Trading, “Longtail T Shirts protect more than your crack, but don’t try this at home.”

Thank you so very much!!

Gina and Joe R.

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