Before confounding our lawyers with the creation of our #LuckySOB series that details close calls averted thanks to our ingenious workwear, there was a series of legendary letters from our customers. This is one such letter that later inspired a TV commercial.

But alas, we can’t get to the bacon until we include the obligatory disclaimer to be careful out there! Our Fire Hose® Work Pants are tough but they’re not designed to stop a 644-pound charging wild boar (or any other ferocious creature).

Dear Duluth,

Almost everyone knows of the enormous problem Texas is having with wild hogs. One of the reasons I purchased a pair of your Fire Hose® Jeans was to protect my legs when plowing through the thick green briars in search of those nasty-tempered boars. Little did I know they would be instrumental in saving my life.

I was wearing them the morning I had to go down into the creek bottom to look for calves. I had just rousted out what I thought was the last of the calves, when I heard something moving in the brush. I turned just in time to see a huge 644-pound wild boar coming at me like a runaway 18-wheeler. Before I could react, he knocked me flat.

When I awoke, I couldn’t think straight, but I could hear my Airedale, Cody, raising hell and snarling. I got up and felt pain in my right leg and arm. I looked at my arm to see a gaping hole in my wrist and forearm. I later found out the boar’s tusk went in on the outside and came out midway between my wrist and my elbow.

When I tried to walk, my right leg felt as though someone had punched me as hard as they could right on the muscle. I looked down but didn’t see a hole in my jeans. Later, I was told by the doctor that the boar had gored me in the arm AND the leg, if not for the tough Fire Hose material of the jeans, the tusk would have torn through my femoral artery. If that had happened, I would more than likely have died before I could get medical help.

In case you’re wondering what became of the boar, my dog kept him cornered until I could get to my truck to retrieve my gun and put him in his rightful place – hanging from an oak tree.

Thanks for a great product.

Brian F.