Men's Magnetic Fire Hose Work Pants

Tool belts and bags are heavy. Tool boxes are never where you need them. Knowing there’s gotta be a better way, Duluth went to work to reinvent men’s work pants. Introducing our brand spankin’ new Magnetic Fire Hose® Work Pants made with crushed Samarium Cobalt magnets embedded in the fabric to keep tools close. Real close.

Just grab a tool and affix it to your pants. You control how many tools and how handy they are so each pair is customizable to your jobsite needs. And our beefy 4″ back belt loop won’t gap when you bend or sag under the weight of all that hardware you’re hauling around.

This tradesman’s must-have offers the same great fit customers know and love, including a reinforced, breathable mesh chainmail Crouch Gusset® to protect your nether regions from stray power tools that will inevitably be attracted to your Magnetic Fire Hose Work Pants.

Other ingenious features include copper-lined pockets to protect your credit cards and mobile phone from these microscopic but mighty magnets, and a 100% magnetic fly provides no fuss or fumbling with zippers or buttons.

“The Magnetic work pants allow you to place tools along the entire length of your leg and they will hold at whatever angle you choose. Standing or crouching, your tools remain where you placed them,” said blogger Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson. Magnetic Fire Hose Work Pants are quite possibly the most attractive pants you’ll own! Get a pair.

INVENTORY NOTE: Our Magnetic Fire Hose Work Pants will be available on April 1.