Cold weather and constricting layers are a common conundrum for men this time of year. We enlisted the wisdom and experience of Adrian Flygt, Master Beard Farmer and professional STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® athlete, to tell us about his favorite Fire Hose® Hanger Bender® Shirt Jac. He knows a thing or two about freedom of movement and the need for toasty warmth. The only way to make this interview even better was to ask him to pair the jac with one of our Simply Great Beard Oils for beard-farm-caliber beard care.

Men's Fire Hose® "Hanger Bender" Shirt Jac

Why is the Fire Hose Hanger Bender Shirt Jac the one you grab season after season?

Cutting logs in the fall is one of life’s simple pleasures. The air is crisp, the work is hard and the reward is a well-stocked yard. Crisp air makes me reach for a jacket, but bulky ones get in the way of swinging an ax when putting a face cut in a tree. Wearing just a shirt, it’s easy to become the iceman before you get to the forest. Enter the Fire Hose Shirt Jac, a cure-all for cool Fall work days.

Tough Fire Hose keeps the saw dogs from taking a bite out of your shoulder and shrugs off angry logs while loading your bounty. Those Armpit Gussets give arms the freedom to keep the axe moving and stack the pile high. If the work stays cool or the sun stays down, the fleece lining keeps you toasty all day without getting in the way like a bad burrito. This Fire Hose wrapped bundle of get-things-done works like glow plugs for your work day, an easy choice for a day cutting logs, walking the dog or whatever opportunity of excellence presents itself.

Leather Simply Great Beard Oil

The Fire Hose Shirt Jac toughens your torso but how do you soften your beard?

This brawny “Hanger Bender” is a perfect match for the Leather scent of Simply Great Beard Oil. Both are made for work and protect you from the elements. The beard oil conjures the fresh, bold smell of new work gloves. Neither needs to explain what it is, they just show up prepared for anything, cutting trees, keeping skin strong and protecting your whiskers from the life of a working man, nothing more and nothing less.

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