Sunburned Roofer Needs a Longtail T Shirt!

If you were ever in doubt that Duluth Trading has the men’s work clothes and gear you need to tackle blast furnace heat, sopping wet humidity and blazing sun, look no further than a recent story from Michael O. in Minnesota. He recently shared his tale of woe to spare others from roofing on a sunny day in an average tee shirt.

“I was working on my new garage finally nailing on the shingles. It was a sunny day and I was wearing a regular t-shirt from a warehouse store, which obviously rides up my full-figured body as I bend down. If you’ve ever roofed a building, you’ll know you bend over a lot. I own some Duluth Trading gear and wear your pants ever day, but I’ll be making a trip back to the Duluth store for some Longtail T® Shirts! Getting a low back burn isn’t exactly fun as it has to be the most sensitive skin on a chubby dude’s body!”

Big, small, short or tall we think EVERYONE could use a few extra inches to prevent overexposure – whether to protect from the sun’s burning rays or an onlooker’s scathing remarks.

This story has a happy ending. We sent Michael a Duluth Trading Gift Card so he could go hog wild and stock up on Longtail T® Shirts and other problem-solving men’s summer clothes such as Dry on the Fly™ Pants, DuluthFlex™ Fire Hose® Sweatstop Pants with wicking CoolMax® and Armachillo® Cooling Work Shirts.

Get the summer workwear that performs when the heat is on!

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