Men's Work Shorts Length 7", 9" or 11" inseam?

How much of a tradesman’s woolly legs is too much? Over 1,000 Duluth customers recently weighed in on our latest Great Debate to decide how short is too short for men’s work shorts.

Up for discussion were three of our popular work short inseams: thigh-baring 7″ shorts, knee-knocking 9″ shorts or the more modest 11″ shorts length.

Here’s what a few folks had to say about the subject:

Men's Work Shorts: 11 Inch Inseam Length

Men's Work Shorts: 9 Inch Inseam Length

Men's Work Shorts: 7 Inch Inseam Length

There is no right answer. We offer men’s work shorts in 7″, 9″ AND 11″ inseams. Our handy shorts finder will help you find the length that’s right for your height and exposure threshold.

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