The Duluth Mother is like no other. With a seemingly endless supply of gumption, elbow grease and can-do attitude, she needs highly-capable clothes that can keep up with her. We’ve got the surefire Mother’s Day gifts that will fill her with glee.

You always knew you were her favorite, so get to it!

Mother's Day Gifts: Armachillo® Shirt

When it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement, the Duluth Mom will appreciate the cooling relief of our Armachillo® Plaid Shirt. Featherlight Made-in-the-Jade™ fabric gives her heat relief so she can make a breakfast scramble without breaking a sweat.

Mother's Day Gifts: Dry on the Fly® Pants

The Duluth Mom can always be counted on to rock the boat, so give her a pair of quick-drying Dry on the Fly® Pants so she can shake off the spray and go about her day.

Mother's Day Gifts: Canvas Apron

When the Duluth Mom tells you to “go make your bed,” she’s inviting you to the woodshop for a furniture-building tutorial. Keep her hands free with our Canvas Apron.

Mother's Day Gifts: Heirloom Garden Vest

The Duluth Mom is no stranger to ill-tempered beasts and prickly personalities, so give her an Heirloom Garden Vest with our durable DuluthFlex® ripstop fabric to resist snags (and snark).

Mother's Day Gifts: NoGA Capri Pants

When the Duluth Mom “gets your goat” she’s just wrangling up the herd. Give her a pair of NoGA™ Pants or Capris that can keep pace no matter where your pet may roam.

Mother's Day Gifts: Sidewinder Shirt

The Duluth Mom doesn’t just throw you a party, she hosts a hootenany with five bands and hundreds of your best friends. Give her a DuluthFlex® Sidewinder Shirt to give her the freedom of movement required to haul all those kegs.

Mother's Day Gifts: Longtail T® Shirts

The Duluth Mom gives unrivaled giddy-ups. Lasso her a Longtail T® Shirt so she won’t have to fuss and bother when she’s trotting around the ranch.

Mother's Day Gifts: Dry on the Fly® Shirt

The Duluth Mom doesn’t just teach you how to drive — changing tires and oil are part of the package. Help her deflect all your nervous sweat, mud and tears of frustration with a Dry on the Fly® Shirt.

Mother's Day Gifts: Hemp Dress

The Duluth Mom shares your appreciation for hemp. No need to fear running afoul of the law when you pick out something from our Hemp Collection.

Mother's Day Gifts: Everyday Denim

The Duluth Mom never says no when you ask “Can we keep him?” She’ll appreciate a pair of Everday Denim, the only pair of jeans that’ll endure whatever the day (or critter) flings at her.

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Still undecided? Let her go hog wild with a Duluth Trading Gift Card.