It’s almost summertime when the living is easy (easier?). Here’s some of our favorite recreational gear to help you get your summer on sooner. Just add the ice cold beverage of your choice and you’ll be good to go.


  1. After venturing off the beaten path throw your gear in the car without a second thought. The waterproof Cargo Cape will protect your baby from all that glorious muck and mud.
  2. The RoboCup clip-anywhere cup holder keeps your favorite summer pastime at the ready – fishing pole, beach umbrella or some sweet tea on ice.
  3. Our Men’s Short Sleeved BBQ Shirt features Armpit Gussets to let you wield those tongs like a samurai while the manly plaids lend an air of class to any backyard gathering.
  4. Keep man’s best friend hydrated on the go with the Mobile Pup Cup. It fits in most car cupholders and has a secret stash to store treats.
  5. Wrap the 8-in-1 Key Multi-Tool around an ordinary house key and don’t be surprised when everyone starts calling you “MacGyver”.
  6. Perfect Pitch Washers are portable as a six-pack and perfect for passing time with anyone possessing steely nerves and a steady aim.
  7. Shoes don’t get much easier than our Men’s Brew Shoes designed for the sole purpose of tipping one back and taking it easy. Slip on a pair ‘cuz it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
  8. Ditch the wimpy lightweight lawn chairs! Our High Back Lawn Chair is sturdy enough to hold even you grizzly-bear-sized guys who tip the scales at 300 pounds.
  9. Our Eagle Backyard Zip Line is easy to install and strong enough to send a 250-pound tradesman careening 70 feet through your backyard to fetch another burger.

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