April 2005 Longtail T Shirt Cover: Plumber's Butt Fixed

In 2002, in the cause of modesty and good taste, we introduced the Longtail T® Shirt. A little bit of innovation – three extra shirt inches – solved an age old problem: the infamous, much feared Plumber’s Butt. Suddenly, the guys who bend over when they work had new respectability! By spackling that plumber’s crack, they were better able to stay in the good graces of clients and fellow tradesmen. And to everyone’s relief, they stopped frightening unsuspecting passersby.

We’ve since sold almost three million of our original short sleeved Longtail T Shirts with or without a pocket. Over the years, we’ve futzed and fine-tuned to offer over 25 different styles to keep men of all shapes and sizes covered and comfortable no matter the weather.

Avert your eyes no more! Enjoy a good long look at some of our favorite Duluth catalog covers from the past twelve years that demonstrate our commitment to covering the working man’s assets.

Eenie meenie miney… get more coverage for her heinie! We offer Longtail T Shirts with two extra inches in over 30 styles for women, too.

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