Only a state as beautiful and rugged as Alaska could offer the tough terrain Duluth Trading craves to showcase our women’s workwear for Fall/Winter 2013. Our Real Women models are professionals — but not professional models — so take a look behind the scenes of a Duluth Trading photoshoot like no other.

After long, cramped hours on planes, trains and automobiles the Duluth crew was welcomed to the expansive Alaskan wilderness by the Sunrise Inn. The only restaurant and lodging available within a 2-hour range – we were lucky we loved ’em.

Welcome to Alaska!

Frigid, freezing and windy Alaskan winter weather? Lesser fleece just wouldn’t pan out! Luckily, Gretchen and Nora were golden with their prospecting pans, wearing Duluth’s windproof Shoreline Fleece. Thank you to Gretchen, Alex and Cherie of the Alaska Horsemen for setting us up. It was a wildly fun adventure!

Gold Rush

What brought Nora to Alaska? Her car and the promise of adventure. After answering an online job ad for a wilderness packer, Nora drove from her home state of Oregon to the Alaskan unknown. That summer job so many years ago left her in love, so we joined her as she reunited with some old friends and a place that left its mark in her heart.

Real Women Model Nora gets a horse kiss

Bone-chilling cold’ll set your teeth a’chattering, and ours were! The wind whipped through the mountains and over the frozen lake with numbing speed, but Fire Hose® Iron Range, mugs full o’ joe and a healthy fire kept Gretchen and Nora warm as the rest of the photo crew looked on.

Real Women Models Nora and Gretchen by campfire in Fire Hose Jackets

Snomad Racing Dog Sledder Amanda Vogel of Ray, “Minnesnowta” started racing dogs 10 years ago after adopting her first-ever dog. Her breeder recommended sled racing as a form of exercise, so that’s what she did. Amanda soon set her sights on competition, entering and placing in qualifying races with her team of dogs, even getting Rookie of the Year in the Beargrease Race – all in hopes of one day competing in Alaska’s Iditarod.

Real Women Model Amanda Vogel gets cozy with Alaskan Sled Dogs

Dan Seavey, a co-founder of the 1,000-mile Iditarod and owner of Ididaride Sled Dog Tours, welcomed Amanda to his kennel for a day of sledding… and a couple of chores! The dogs’ specific diet and exercise routines keep the Seaveys busy, so Amanda asked to pitch in. She called it a dream come true.

Real Women Model Amanda Vogel caring for Alaskan sled dogs

And, a trip to Alaska wouldn’t be complete without a visit from a big freakin’ moose!

Alaskan Moose

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