Santa Wearing Buck Naked Underwear on a Pile of Christmas Presents

Around the world in one night is no sweat with underwear that feels like nothing at all!

We all know the story, or so we’ve been told.

Can we believe, though, now that we’re old?

Santa’s around the world in a flash,

Delivering gifts to the first kid and last.

But how does he do it?

Not one of us knows.

Until now, that is – Santa’s secret’s EXPOSED.

Behind that white scruff, the red cap and red suit

Stands the man whose secret we’ve always pursued.

Buck Naked, he is – though not in the buff!

It makes him feel great, that Buck Naked stuff.

It gives him the speed, the strength and the wits

To pull every Christmas off, without ever a hitch.

No Pinch. No Stink. No Sweat.

Buck Naked Underwear in 8 Colors - One for Every Day of the Week + Date Night

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Give ’em a try and see for yourself why Santa loves going Buck Naked.

Mrs. Claus goes Buck Naked too!