For years our Superior Fire Hose® outerwear has set the standard for toughness and warmth. When we added a Shirt Jac with the same performance and features we knew just the man to give it a try. Adrian Flygt, Master Beard Farmer and professional STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® athlete, put our Superior Fire Hose® Quilted Shirt Jac to the test, then he paired it with the only Simply Great Beard Oil up to the task of protecting his whiskers under the toughest conditions.

Men's Superior Fire Hose® Quilted Shirt Jac

Why is our Superior Quilted Shirt Jac the one to grab when grappling with winter’s worst?

To defend against cold work (or the icicles of staying still), grab one of these quilted beauties to give you safe harbor. The Superior Quilted Shirt Jac is the perfect lifeline. They aren’t called the “pretty good lakes”; they are the Great Lakes, and the greatest lake of them all is Superior. The toughest of the Great Lakes begs for the best protection from the weather and the hazards of the task at hand.

If you are looking for the perfect balance of warmth and workability, this is the jac that’ll ferry you across the greatest lakes or the smallest job site. A tough outer Fire Hose shell fights off ill-tempered co-workers, errant anchor lines and the punishment of putting your shoulder to the grindstone. The stain-shedding finish deflects the inevitable sea-spray of coffee spills. And if the weather gets really nasty, the slippery taffeta-lined sleeves let you glide smoothly over lumpy layers to batten down the hatches in a jiffy.

Datenite Simply Great Beard Oil

What’s the trick to thawing out that frozen beard after a hard day’s work?

A man who relies on his Superior Quilted Shirt Jac to work in the toughest conditions is also wise enough to prepare his face for the toughest conditions – date night. After a long week fighting frosty temps, Simply Great Beard Oil’s Datenite scent will have you ready when things heat up. Datenite smells classy and bold so you can look and smell like a man who works without offending sensitive noses. Your whiskers, and the ladies, will thank you.

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