If you’ve ever spent an afternoon in our Port Washington store, you might have noticed the smell of fresh coffee and sounds of chipper conversation wafting through the front entryway. Step through the hallway toward the front of the store, and you’ll find yourself in Smith Bros. Coffee House. Smith Bros. is part dockside restaurant, part coffee shop, brewing a variety of coffee and tea, and serving up sandwiches, salads, pies, muffins, scones and more.

A staple on the menu is the original Smith Bros. Fish Sandwich. First made famous at the old Smith Bros. Fish Shanty Restaurant, we’ve brought back the sandwich enjoyed for decades in the same location. So grab a cuppa’ coffee or a fish sandwich, and enjoy the marina view from our patio while you chow down. It doesn’t get more Port Washington than this. Follow Smith Bros. Coffee House on Facebook for daily lunch specials, seasonal offers, and more.