Sweaters for Women: Fisherman Sweater Turtleneck

Our Fisherman Sweater Turtleneck is hook, line and sinker soft.

Whether you’re facing the winter elements for hours on end or finally taking a load off to hunker down by a roaring fire, Duluth has sweaters for women that won’t wimp out in wild weather. Our fuss-free collection offers cozy comfort no matter what tasks or temperatures the day brings.

Find the one that’s right for the job:

  • S’No Sweat Sweaters feature lightweight performance knit that wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you warmer — you’ll never feel clammy the way you do when you work in cotton layers.
  • Our timeless, tireless heritage-styled Fisherman Sweater sweater (wool with a smidge of cashmere) is a super-warm, breathable classic that spoils you with cozy comfort.
  • Want the best of both worlds? Grab our Depend-A-Wool Lambswool Sweater. The 70% lambswool/30% nylon blend makes it warm, wicking and natural feeling, yet durable and easy-moving.

If just thinking about cold weather makes you shiver, warm up to the variety of colors and styles that’ll make this winter one for the books.

Get one for yourself, get one for a gift! Shop Women’s Sweaters.