Flannel City Face-Off Winner: The UP

It was a Lake Superior brawl for the history books! The U.P. defeated Duluth with 13,200 votes to 4,214 in Duluth Trading’s Flannel City Face-Off. Facebook Fan Frederick H. may have put the struggle best with his comment, “This is like trying to choose between my wife and my labrador! Talk about difficult!”

According to many Yoopers, flannel comes in handy twelve months a year for every occasion from toddling around in flannel diapers to walking your bride down the aisle. Diana R. captures the lifestyle saying, “The U.P. for sure! The simple life, hunting and fishing and friends to tell tales to, belongs to Michigan.” And it doesn’t hurt that the “bucks are big as Buicks” according to Troy C.

And sure, the U.P. might not be a city. But it’s hard to keep a Yooper off the list when they dedicate a couple of weeks at Deer Camp to reconnect with old buddies and favorite flannels. Caitlin Mae M. defends the title stating, “The U.P. is constantly forgotten about and even gets left off of maps! So yeah, maybe we’re not a city but would you all just let us have this little bit of glory for once. Sheesh.”

So all you folks up between Gogebic and Chippewa put on your buffalo plaid with pride and give a big shout out der, eh – da U.P. has been crowned the Most Flannel City in America! Congratulations!


Yoopers represent! Gear up to show your flannel pride:

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