Debating whether or not to get your whole gift list Buck Naked this Christmas? A survey of Buck Naked Nation recently examined over 2,500 male Buck Naked™ Underwear customers, and another 450 men who haven’t yet had the pleasure, to determine how underwear goes over when it’s tucked under the tree.

Our Skivvy Statisticians crunched the numbers to discover that Christmas is the most popular holiday for underwear gift giving. Of those on the receiving end, fans of Buck Naked Underwear are happier to receive our skivvies than their average underwear brethren. It’s also true what they say — ’tis better to give than receive — since Buck Naked Underwearers are more likely to give their favorite britches as a gift than average underwearers. An effort to spread comfort and good cheer across the land?!

Take a peek at a few more of our holiday Skivvy Stats exploring underwear gifts for men. We think you’ll agree Buck Naked Underwear is the gift that keeps on giving all year-round.

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