Stroll the Mount Horeb Trollway

Yearning to get off the beaten path? Why not stroll among the trolls in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin! Located outside Madison, it’s got a rich Norwegian heritage and enough small town charm to cheer even the most road weary traveler.

Walking tour maps of Main Street, fondly called the Trollway, can be found at the Mount Horeb Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center. Visitors can track down all 17 hand carved wooden trolls as they take their pick of a variety of cafes, bakeries, restaurants and shops, including Duluth’s flagship store located at 100 West Main Street.

Duluth Trading Flagship Store in Mount Horeb, WI

Chock full of all our bestselling workwear and gear for men and women, this historic store was once the town’s original hardware store. It’s also the home of the The Wally Keller Tool Museum where customers can test their antique tool knowledge and admire the craftsmanship, ingenuity and rugged beauty of Wally’s impeccable vintage tool collection.

Mount Horeb Historic Storefront

Wally Keller Tool Museum in Mount Horeb Duluth Trading Flagship Store

Test Your Tool Knowledge! Whatsis Board of Vintage Tools

Can’t make it to Mt. Horeb in person? You can still play “Whatsis Tool” on the Duluth Trading Facebook page.

Whether you ride your bike down the Military Ridge Trail, rev your Corvette with your car club tour or cruise the back roads with your motorcycle buddies, our Duluth flagship store has something for everyone in an atmosphere that harkens back to the stores you used to visit when you were a kid.

And if you stroll the Trollway Buck Naked all the better – at least you’ll be comfortable!

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