Women's Down Parka

Nobody does down like Duluth! Nora relies on our downright warmest Down Parka to get through a deep freeze.

When Jack Frost starts up with his sub-zero shenanigans, bundle up without the bulk in Duluth’s winter clothes for women and give him the slip. Duluth Women don’t have time to shiver and shirk their responsibilities just because a few snowflakes are swirling around!

Get a load of our hardworking Duluth Women Models sporting this season’s brand spankin’ new and best-selling sweaters, flannel shirts, outerwear, winter pants and accessories. We build ’em all with ingenious details like underarm gussets, bi-swing backs, thoughtfully placed pockets and performance fabrics to keep you feeling feisty and fetching no matter the weather or endeavor.

Women's Free Swingin' Flannel Shirts

Grab the Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirt that’s earned its squares and stripes.

Give bulky, boring winter gear the boot! Shop our highly capable women’s winter clothes and accessories that keep you comfortable and cozy all season long.