Duluth Women don’t walk down runways. They handcraft cast iron skillets, brew perfect pilsners and build log cabins by hand. So that’s who we design for. Our incredibly insightful women’s product developers obsess over innovation. They solve problems like bunching, binding and overheating. They’re driven to design every detail with the insight you only gain from testing, re-testing and then re-re-testing.

Our clothing is built by women, for women. And from now on, you’ll be hearing from our highly capable product developers about some of our most innovative products and overall approach to designing for women. Because who better to give you the details than the women behind our gumption-packed gear.



Women on a Mission: Libby

These unstoppable women are the reason our clothing is designed to solve problems — and not just designed. They’re here to make pursuing your passions easier and more comfortable than ever. Because just like you, these women are on a mission.

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