Women's Gardening Pants

Take a gander at this year’s bumper crop of good-looking, tough, durable garden clothing for women that stands up to any task or temperature. You’ll be giddier than a pig in s%*# when you discover hardworking features like snag- and grime-resistant fabric, well-placed pockets, Crouch Gussets® for squat relief and UPF sun protection.

W95516 Women's Railroad Striped Overalls

Our newest Duluth Women Model Rachael, of The Farmstead, knows a thing or two about pigs (and other barnyard animals).

Here’s a preview of our better-built garden clothes and gear – just add mud, sunshine and rain to break ’em in just right.

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Wanna learn more about our newest Duluth Women Model Rachael? Follow The Farmstead adventures on her blog.