Our unsoakable Dry on the Fly® Pants are up for any summer adventure and so is our fearless Duluth Women Model Bianka. That’s why she was the perfect candidate to star in our new Dry on the Fly TV commercial, “Wringer.”

A 2015 Duluth Women Model Search winner, Bianka spent seven years exploring the Colorado Rockies. Rock climbing, hiking fourteeners — you name it, she’s done it. Bianka also just hit one million miles of road tripping across the USA, accomplished over the course of 10 years with six beloved Jeeps. And of course, she loves kayaking and canoeing. But even though she boasts some serious portaging skills in the commercial, Bianka’s true talent is throwing down — mugs, cups, pots and bowls!

Dry on the Fly TV Ad Featuring Duluth Women Model and Ceramic Artist Bianka

Bianka didn’t just test these pants out on set. She puts them through their paces on a daily basis! “Dry on the Fly Pants are sweet because they move with your body,” she says. “Having to maneuver around lots of dogs and their leashes becomes tricky unless you’re wearing comfy clothing. And in the studio I’m constantly lifting heavy things and constantly getting wet and dirty. These pants are durable and get dry and clean with ease.”

Bianka’s a full-time ceramic artist who makes meticulously crafted pottery in her Minneapolis studio. She uses a special type of porcelain found only in Australia that becomes translucent once fired. This allows light to filter through her finished pieces — she’s even crafted a functional lampshade!

All that time Bianka spent with Mother Nature and her continued excursions into the wild have clearly influenced her pottery. Bianka works with black and white, linear forms and graphic shapes carved into the porcelain with tools like acupuncture needles and a Philips screwdriver. All these elements come together to create simple, powerful, calm pieces — exactly the sort of exhilarating feeling you get when communing with the great outdoors.

Dry on the Fly TV Ad Featuring Duluth Women Model and Ceramic Artist Bianka

If being a full-time potter wasn’t already a handful, Bianka walks 8-16 dogs five days a week through the woods and the concrete jungle. “They’re my best friends!” she says. And a pair of Dry on the Fly Pants helps deflect slobber from all those sopping wet dog kisses.

Get wet, don’t fret! Shop Dry on the Fly Pants for women.